3 Top Rated Free Invoice and Billing Software

3 Top Rated Free Invoice and Billing Software

An invoice and billing software automates and organizes the invoice and billing process. In addition, this software is consistent and timely, further reducing common errors associated with manual information entry.

The Best Free Invoice And Billing Software should be user-friendly, easy on the bank, and convert quotes into invoices to be sent to clients for timely payments. 

Although there are many free billing software options in the market, we will analyze three of the best options that meet the needs of small-scale merchants.

Square Invoices

The free option offered by square invoices is a leading choice for most businesses using invoices to bill their customers and need free software. Additionally, Square offers integrated automatic payment reminders to enable the merchant to access payments on time. You can opt to accept payments in person, online, or via ACH bank transfer.


Square offers an unlimited number of invoices to clients and users. This free plan enjoys a built-in customer portal and accepts ACH, in-person and online payments. In addition, this option also uses Square payment processing and further integration of time-tracking and inventory tracking.


Unfortunately, important features such as auto conversion, project tracking, and customization are only offered under the paid plan.

Zoho invoices

Zoho invoices are ranked among the best free billing and invoicing software and enjoy no hidden fees. Consequently, a merchant pays only transaction fees after the customer pays for an invoice. Zoho also allows payments from various platforms and gateways such as ACH payments, online stripe, authorize.net, PayPal, and Braintree.

Zoho invoices also enable you to track projects, incorporate them into invoices, and convert estimates. In addition, the free plan comes with an automatic payment reminder that facilitates timely payments. Furthermore, you can send an invoice via email or the client’s portal for approval and payments. 


This free plan enjoys no hidden charges and turns your projects and quotes into invoices. Moreover, it connects to top payment processors and offers a project management tool.


Unfortunately, the free plan is limited to only 1000 invoices per year, allowing one user per account and five clients only can access the portal.


Hiveage offers a free invoicing and billing plan that enables an unlimited number of invoices to be sent to a small number of clients. In addition, it also allows you to track time and expenses and send limitless estimates.

 Although it’s a bit limiting compared to other free options, Hiveage is user-friendly and a great pick, especially if you don’t require other features.


Hiveage offers a free plan to send unlimited invoices and estimates. Furthermore, it includes tracking your business expenses and time tracking.


The free plan is limited to only one user per account and permits sending to just five clients. Unfortunately, Hiveage issues no payments reminder on the free plan.

Final Thought

Choosing the best billing and invoicing software is based on the exact needs of your business. For example, established and growing businesses may require advanced software also to handle accounting needs, yet small enterprises may go for the free option.  

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